Saturday, September 13, 2014

Penguins of the World, digital print, 36" X 11"

These penguins appear in exhibits at the Toronto Zoo, Maryland Zoo, New England Aquarium, and a ski resort in Dubai. The Toronto and Maryland Zoos feature all species at actual size, meaning: the Emperor is 4 feet tall!

It has also been used in other formats including a veterinary medicine textbook and penguin paleontoloy and anatomy texts.

Printed on glossy paper stock. The image is crisp and clear and colorful!
36" X 11"  $45
48" X 14" $60
Shipping/handling $12

This image is also available as a fine art print, made with high quality inks on fine art matte paper. It sells for $70 plus shipping/handling (usually= $10). Please email to place an order.

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