Sunday, May 20, 2007

Twisted Survival, 16" X 20", Acrylic

An old Bristlecone Pine from my days in California.

I cannot remember the name of the yellow-flowered plant which is so ubiquitous on gravelly slopes of CA. It is a survivor, and so bright and sunny even though the foliage is a relatively dull grey-green.
Need I mention the Bristlecone Pine? An absolutely amazing tree. It feels almost cliche to paint it.

Original acrylic, framed
Lowered price $150

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Running on One Tree Hill

Another very photo-realistic piece, but I wanted to paint this image, and feel it needs the specificity.
The image is my thoroughbred mare Calliope (aka Calli), at one of my favorite and relatively unknown places here in Chatham. That is me chasing her. I have witnessed so many great horse scenes up on this hill. The very first time I let her into this 12-acre field she took off at a huge gallop and circled at least five times.Now I realize that could have been a disaster.
A personal favorite that I cannot let go of for less than $850.