Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Afternoon Still

This is an absolutely lovely place near my house where lots of people including myself walk their dogs. There are scores of birds and wildflowers...including Cedar Waxwings in February, Bluebirds in March, and zillions of Goldfinches all spring and summer (among countless others - these are just my favorites), you can imagine the cornucopia of color you can get on some days.

Original acrylic
Lowered price! $250 framed


Sally Shisler said...

Very exciting!! Keep on posting. At the very least, you have mucho in your archives, right?

Barbara Harmon said...

Today was a disaster. Tried to get "Apache" done or even worked on, and as I suspected the proportions are wrong, so I set out to fix them. Then decided to try a completely different technique - change the whole plan - to an illustration - airbrush and colored pencil on Canson. Started out well with a very detailed drawing etc., with all the details blah blah blah... ended up that three airbrushes I tried are broken and beyod my limited knowledge for repair. I didnb't get far needless to say, except for wasting lots and lots of time, which I do not have!
Had to go visit my horse for a new attitude.
And talked to one of the girls about a career with horses.

Sally Shisler said...

I think it would be better to be POSITIVE on your new site :)

Just a thought.

Barbara Harmon said...

Perhaps I jumped the gun in trying to get 1) painting every day and 2) things posted!

Today is another very busy one and will be tough but I am getting started right now.

Check in later. I hope to have more this evening.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from my vacation on the Cape, where I happened upon "Sleepy Morning" in Chatham. What a beautiful painting! My three horse-loving daughters swooned when they saw it and although the original is beyond our budget, I am hoping to surprise them with a giclee for their bedroom. Congratulations to you for creating such a wonderful piece!

orchidartist said...

Barbara, your work is truly lovely!

Kathy Marie Garness