Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sanderling#1, acrylic on board. 8" X 8"

Finally! This is from some photos I took this past summer while observing the "peeps" - shorebirds that run back and forth with the waves. This and the next (hopefully) three I will post will be Sanderlings. They are my favorite, they are the smallest and maybe the cutest. This feels successful to me, in my quest to get away from my illustrative style, and get more into the form, color, light, contrast, etc. of the scene.



SC Shisler said...

It's beautiful! YAY! So glad you're happy with it too.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca says you're wondewrful!

Badstyle said...

since am an artist i really like your work..maybe we could share ideas..and who knows later could want to buy one of your works!!lawrence